Mountaineering Museum

Our exhibtion explores the developement of Norwegian climbing and mountaineering history, from the early 1820's to the present day. It is founded on the artifacts and documents meticulously collected by Arne Randers Heen, a climbing pioneer from Romsdalen. Arne Randers realised his life-long ambition of establishing a museum of Norwegian Mountaineering history in 1990.  We are proud to have built upon this to bring you an exciting 'state of the art' multimedia exhibit.

You will find 16 diverse interactive installations that convay key facets of climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, base jumping  and explore what motivates those who live for these sports.  There is something for all ages to explore. True stories have been dramatised, the old gear have been dusted off, and you can even test your own climbing skills. Everything is presented in both English and Norwegian.

Don`t miss out on our unique multimedia show. The movie theatre at Norsk Tindesenter is one of its kind in the world. The screen itself is 3D and simulates a rock wall. Watch the spectacular movie from the Romsdal surrounding and see what great activities can be done in the mountains here. There story incorporates a nice fairytail story that is sure to keep everyone interested for the 15 minutes the movie lasts. Videomapping technique, historical pictures and great music accompanied makes it an once in a liftime experience.   

The movie runs 4 times an hours and is incl. in the admission fee. 

Watch the trailer here

We hope that your visit to the Norsk Tindesenter inspires you to further explore the world of mountain and adventure sports and the incredible opportunities that exist in the mountains of Norway.

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