Mountaineering Museum

The Norwegian mountaineering museum gives you an exciting experience and insight into local, national and international events throughout the history of mountaineering. The museum displays historical objects as well as interactive installations, inviting you to explore and play – regardless of age. 

The mountaineering museum displays texts in Norwegian and English, and the staff is happy to give you a guided tour.

Modern and historical exhibition
In the museum, mountaineering equipment from different times are brought to light, together with historical collections from daring and adventurous mountaineers.  

You are guaranteed goose bumps viewing a variety of films combining footage from pioneering mountaineers with brand-new recordings from jagged peaks. Side by side, you can witness dramatic visualizations of happenings from real life. Take a selfie from the peak Store Skagastølstind or try to climb the famous fingertip traverse at Stetind, Norway’s national mountain.

The historical collection is wide-ranging. Among others, you can study the summit books from different peaks all the way back to the pioneers. You might find the name of an old family member, or even world-famous mountaineers!

Parts of the museum’s collection is based on the climbing pioneer Arne Randers Heen’s historical documentation of Norwegian climbing sport, from climbing expeditions in Norway as well as from various other exciting places in the world. 

The photos and notes of Carl Hall (1848-1908) is another important part of the exhibition. The famous Danish mountaineer, editor and amateur photographer had more than 50 first ascents in Norway to his credit. Hall’s unique and historical photos can now be admired in the digital archive of the mountaineering museum.

We encourage all our guests to try their own climbing skills and test the equipment from different times, in the museum as well as in Carl’s Hall, Norway’s highest indoor climbing wall. If you do not want to climb yourself, you can observe others as they climb to the top of the looming tower. If you are lucky, you might just meet one of the country’s foremost climbers. 

In one ticket, you will get access both to the museum and the climbing wall. Guided trips at the centre are arranged regularly and can be pre-booked for groups. In the gift shop you will find books, maps and quality gift items. Taxfree is available for international guests.