Climbing wall

Indoor sports climbing is a perfect activity for everyone who wants to climb, no matter what your skills are. The climbing hall contains 60 different climbing routes with different degrees of difficulty spread on 20 bolted holds. Storveggen (the great wall) has routes with a height of up to 21 metres with a light overhang.

If you are a beginner, you can start with the vertical, 11-metre-high course wall. This is also equipped with an auto belay if you lack an approved belayer.

In case your desire is to practice your technique and strength or try climbing without ropes, the bouldering wall is a perfect alternative. Minors can unfold in a separate and specially designed bouldering area.

We offer a wide range of activities and courses in the climbing wall and the offer varies throughout the year. If your child wants to hold a birthday party or you plan a fun activity with your colleagues at work, the climbing centre is a guaranteed home run. 

When you need a break from your climbing exercise, you can explore the exciting collection at the mountaineering museum - all included in one ticket.

Hard facts: 

  • 2000 climbing holds
  • 390 square meter climbing walls
  • 60 climbing routes
  • 20 bolted holds
  • 110 square meter bouldering fun
  • 21 m to the top
  • 2 auto belays
  • bouldering cave for children 


Intro to climbing tasters

Never been climbing before? This is the perfect way to try climbing!
Our intro to climbing tasters will get you on the wall, with one of our experienced instructors looking after you. With climbs set to suit all levels of expereince and ability, this is an expereince suitable for all. Intro to climbing tasters are perfect for adults and children alike. They are group lessons, with a maximum of 6 people per instructor. Duration 1 hour. After the session you are of course welcome to continue climbing on the bouldering wall, or explore the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre further. 

Beginners climbing course

If you’re keen to learn how to climb, our Beginners Climbing Course is for you.
The course consists of two, four-hour sessions (Mon + Wed from 6-10 pm) and teaches you all the skills required to climb unsupervised safely. 
After finishing our Beginners Climbing Course, you may sit the exam for the Norwegian climbing card "Brattkort", which enables you to climb at most indoors climbing halls in the country. The Norwegian climbing card has an age limit of 13 yrs and older. 

Private climbing lessons

We offer private climbing lessons on request. Max four people per instructor in total. 


Wall regulation

Climbing is a high risk activity and users should follow these guidelines. 

Climbers and spectators are responsible for their own safety and must stay clear of the fall and swing zones at all times. 

All climbers must sign a waiver before climbing. 

Rope solo lead climbing is not allowed.

All climbers must double-check their partner prior to each climb. 

All belayers must continally demontrate a prober belay technique, and NEVER let go with brake hand.

All climbers must demonstrate how to properly tie the retractable figure-eight knot and may only use this knot while climbing in the facility. 

All belayers must be minimum 16 years or older. 

Children under age 13 must be under surveillance of a parent/adult at all times. Please keep the noice to a minimum. 

The main bouldering wall are mainly for persons 13 yrs and over. However, children over 7 yrs may climb here, if they are spotted by an adult at all times. 

The boulderingcave is for children only. Parents must monitor their children at all times. 

If you need assistance, please ask for help at the reception. 

All loose holds and equipment failures must be reported to the centre staff.

All accidents and incidents should be reported to centre staff. 

All climbers must wear shoes while climbing. No bare feet!

No loose chalk to be used. Chalk balls or liquids only. 

All climbing instruction will be provided by the staff at Norsk Tindesenter. Outside personal trainers needs special permission. 

Staff obersvations and instructions must be followed. 

All climbers use the climbing wall at their own risk.  






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Equipment hire

Complete package ( rope, harness, shoes, belay)  kr 150,-

Harness  kr  60,-

Climbing shoes  kr  60,-

Rope  kr 60,-

Belay device  kr  30,-

Chalkbag  kr 30,-