Know before you go


Romsdalseggen ridge is a long (10,3 km) and demaning hike with a 970- metre ascent, which means you have to be in a good shape and used to walking in steep uneven terrain. It is therefore important that you consider your own fitness and that of others in your party before you set out. 

Romsdalseggen ridge is not recommended for children. 

Dogs can generally be taken on hikes on Romsdalseggen ridge, but tehy may need assistance in the most exposed sections. 

Check the weather forecast - Blånebba and Mannen observation site in Rauma will give you the best indications of what the weather is like on Romsdalseggen ridge, which can differ considerably from the weather in Åndalsnes.

Hiking maps can be downloaded on 

Make sure your phone is fully charged - in the event of an emergcy call 112

Lightning a bonfire, bbq, or disposable bbq in or clode to forests and all other uncultivated land is forbidden between April 15th and September 15th.

Close the gate and show consideration of domestic animals. Don`t feed domestic or wild animals, and always bring your rubbish back with you. 

Show considerations if you bring a drone. 

We advise against hiking Romsdalseggen ridge off-season.

There are no toilets along the trail - hence use the toilet before you go exploring. In Åndalsnes you will find public toilets at the railwaystation, Norsk Tindesenter and Rauma kulturhus. 

When there`s no toilet -  walk at least 70 steps away from the trails and/or water. Dig a hole -do your bussiness - and cover the hole afterwards. Please use only unbleached toilet paper (no wetwipes!), and carry the used paper out in a compostable bag or the like. Dispose when you get to town. 

Remember: your safety is your responsibility.