Norsk Tindesenter


  • Autumn in Romsdalen

  • Romsdalsstigen via ferrata is now open

    Romsdalsstigen via ferrata is now finally open.


  • Safety in the Norwegian Mountains

    Before setting off on a hike, it is important that you realize that the Norwegian mountains differ greatly from the mountains in central Europe.


  • Via Ferrata

    Enjoy an airy experience in beautiful natural surroundings. We promise you a tickle in your stomach and a magnificent view of the monumental Romsdals mountains!

  • Kayak

    We offer guided paddletours in beautiful nature, introduction course and rental of sea kayaks.

  • Romsdalsopplevelser

    Join in on a nature adventure with us. With us you can join in on safe activities like SUP to more adrenalin adventure like mountain hike up in the mountains. We have activities all year around.

  • Mountaineering Centre

    For lovers of outdoor life and Norwegian mountaineering history. The Norwegian Mountaineering Centre is a unique experience and displays the historical development of “steep outdoor life”. Discover the fascination of mountain climbing and learn about the race between local and international climbers to become the first to reach the summit

  • Climbing Wall

    Indoor sports climbing is a perfect activity for everyone who wants to climb, no matter what your skills are. The climbing hall contains 60 different climbing routes with different degrees of difficulty spread on 20 bolted holds. Storveggen (the great wall) has routes with a height of up to 21 metres with a light overhang.

  • Romsdalseggen

    This hike goes through the dramatic landscape features many highlights.
    From the ridge, you can see the majestic Trollveggen cliff, surrounded by a number of well-known mountains.


  • via ferrata norge Norge Via Ferrata med guide Via Ferrata guide Via Ferrata i Romsdalen prøv Via Ferrata Via Ferrata norge guide Introveggen er turen for deg som vil ta steget og prøve klatring i via ferrata, kanskje for første gang. Ingen forkunnskap fra klatring kreves, men du må ha normalt god fysisk form. Turen kan gjøres med eller uten guide, alt etter erfaring og ønske fra deg. Et alternativ til deg som ikke vil på de høyeste toppene, men likevel få en flott opplevelse i Åndalsnes.

    Guided tour: Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata -Intro wall (3-4hrs)

    The Romsdalsstigen Intro wall route is the perfect introduction to Via Ferrata climbing, where you move out of the comfort zone into a more stimulating and memorable experience.

  • via ferrata norge Norge Via Ferrata meg guide Via Ferrata i Romsdalen prøv Via Ferrata Via Ferrata norge guide

    Guided tour: Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata -West wall

    This is the trip if you seek excitement, like to challenge yourself, have a physical condition above the average and are comfortable with climbing in steep terrain.

  • via ferrata utstyr leie utstyr leie fjellsko leie Via Ferrata kit

    Via Ferrata kit hire

    We rent out Via Ferrata equipment for experienced climbers if you wish to climb Romsdalsstigen on your own.

  • via ferrata

    Reservation Self equipped Via Ferrata Intro wall

    If you have our own equipment you can book timeslot for climbing the Intro wall here

  • via ferrata

    Reservation self equipped Via Ferrata climbing West Wall

    If you have our own equipment you can book timeslot for climbing the west wall here

  • museum

    Day pass Norwegian Mountaineering Center

    The Norwegian Mountaineering Centre (Norsk Tindesenter) is a visitor center focusing on Norwegian mountaineering history and mountain adventure sports.

  • sup supbrett padling elv SUP padling SUP på elv SUP på Istra elv SUP i Romsdalen Stå på padlebrett (SUP) og opplev spektakulær natur mens du rolig padler frem på rolig grønn elv med den fantastiske Romsdalsnaturen rundt deg på alle kanter.

    SUP on the Istra River - Åndalsnes Romsdalen

    Join in on a fantastic paddle experience on Istra river in Åndalsnes! Stand on a paddle board (SUP) and experience spectacular scenery while you are paddling on the calm green river surrounded by the amazing Romsdals nature!

  • aktivitet for barn i romsdalen barn eventyr oppgave for barn eventurskogen

    EvenTURskogen - activity trail for children

    Join us on a trilling treasure hunt in the EvenTURskogen. The treasure hunt takes you to "Grindbygget" where you solve taskes about the nature and become Tinde's nature friend.

  • kurs klatring innendørs brattkort klatring med instruktør innendørs klatrevegg

    Climbing course indoor - brattkort

    This is an introduction course to climbing and belaying where you qualifie to "brattkort". "Brattkort" is a sertificate which is requiered to belay at indoor climbing gyms in Norway.

    At this course you get a basic introduction to climbing both on top rope and led, as well as information about equitment and basic climing technique.

  • topptau

    Climbing course - indoor top rope

  • bursdagsklatring

    Boulder Birthday - Carls Hall

    Do you want a differnet birthday party?

    We can arrange a fun climbing party for you.

  • klatring innendørs klatring kurs prøv klatring

    Try climbing

    Never been climbing before? This is the perfect way to try climbing!

  • Utleie av kajakk fra havna i Åndalsnes. Norsk Tindesenter leier ut kajakk fra resepsjonen.

    Sea kayak rental

  • Guiding i fjell guiding i ROmsdalen guiding Romsdalseggen Bli med på guida tur over Romsdalseggen sammen med lokale guider som kjenner hver sti og stein.

    Romsdalseggen - guided hike

    Join us on a breathtaking hike over the Romsdalseggen ridge hike with local guides.

  • gavekort

    Gift card

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